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What Birds to expect to visit your garden in 2017

By Rob 3 years ago

According to the RSPB the most likely visitors to your garden this year are house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue tits and great tits, robins and collared doves.

No Mess Mix vs. Regular Mixes

By Rob 3 years ago

Heather and Alex discuss the differences between Our No Mess (Huskless) Mix and all of our other Mixes!

Introducing Bird Feeders

By Rob 3 years ago

Where should I site my birdfeeding?

Peanuts - what are the issues?

By Rob 4 years ago

Many years ago there was an issue with some peanuts containing the deadly Aflotoxin mould. Here at Wiggly Wigglers we have all our peanuts tested to ensure that they are Aflotoxin free.