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Anita Roddick

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The British Library

By Heather 11 years ago

We were lucky enough to get chosen to "Ask an Expert" at The British Library a few years ago. I met the late Anita Roddick who founded The Body Shop. She was an inspiration to me and many many others. She kept in touch with me at Wiggly Wigglers until her death, and it was good to have the opportunity to pop into the British Library and say thank you. You can see a video of our story as they have chosen us as March 09 case study.  
While I was there I checked out some industry reports and looked up reports on e-commerce and our competition. A really good resource for SME's.

Anita Roddick

By Heather 12 years ago

Anita Roddick died tonight aged 64
She was an inspiration to many - myself included. I was lucky enough to get to talk to her at the British Library last year where she had given of her time to mentor women entrepeneurs. She is a Wiggly customer and said how much she loved lots of the products (but that indeed our t'shirts are crap!) I was struck by her direct no nonsense approach, and her passion and enthusiasm. A real hero in my book.
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Podcast 57 Show Notes

By Heather 13 years ago

Grump, Grump, Grump, Grump, Grump.

Inspired by Body Shop supremo Anita Roddick the Team all get to vent their spleen at the things that annoy them most. On a more positive note Farmer Phil gets a good crop from the sunflowers and everybody likes Richard's shirt.

I hearby promise this show will only be grumpy once a year. This is it for 2006 - watch out next November though...

0.00 Intro from the Wiggly Sofa
2.15 Dave Back on squirrels and Richard's rant
7.49 The Wiggly Piano
8.06 Richard falls over in the local butchers
12.17 An extraa tasting today of Tennessee Wildflower Honey
15.47 Heather's rant on shops
17.45 Anita Roddick's rant
25.00 Harvesting the millet and sunflowers for birdseed
26.28 Farmer Phil's rant
28.45 Today's post and Mr Bartley's rant
30.53 Subscribing is indeed free

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