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British Flowers are lovely!

British Flowers are lovely!
By Rob 4 years ago

It's not my place to judge whether it is best for Colombian or Kenyan farmers to grow flowers for the export market, and how that affects the water availability, and whether the carbon footprint associated with flying flowers is mitigated by the fact that the aeroplanes are flying anyway.


What I do know is that we have gorgeous flowers being grown in Britain, although they have fallen out of fashion compared to their more exotic counterparts, even though they are more scented and fresher!

I also know that if we want to see fields of these flowers grown at home, then there is one very easy way to make that happen and that is simply to buy them!

It is easy to 'fly the flag' with the Wiggly Wigglers ...we use British grown flowers all put together by our sister brand – The Great British Florist


Lots of the corporations can offer some British flowers, but they are still flying huge amounts of flowers halfway round the world, which means that the average Valentines Bouquet can rack up over 4,000 flower miles!

If you, like us think that’s slightly potty avoid Red Roses for Valentines and instead choose from one of our very lovely English designs and rest assured that as your loved one delights in their flowers, that at least they haven’t cost the earth…


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