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June 2019

Live Food Deliveries + Storage

By Rob Gale 3 months ago

Live foods will be delivered by Royal Mail (1st class). If you have ordered other items, these will be delivered separately by our courier on our standard next day delivery service. If you require a specific delivery day, please state this to one of our Customer Service Advisors.

If your Live Food is delivered in paper bags, please transfer them to a plastic tray or tub and add some of our mealworm food, make sure they are kept cool and well ventilated.

Mealworms delivered in 500g paper sacks: on arrival transfer your loose worms into a shallow, smooth sided tray or tub and add mealworm food. If the container has a lid it should be well ventilated to prevent your worms becoming damp and dying in a short time.

Be sure to keep them dry and well ventilated. Make sure they are kept cool, ideally at 10°C – if they are stored for long times at below -2°C it could kill your worms.

Order from our range of bestselling Wiggly Live Foods here - https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/birdfood/live-food.html

Wormery Help: What to do when there is mould in the compost?

By Rob Gale 3 months ago

If the contents of the wormery decay or mould appears, it means that the worms can’t manage to process the waste fast enough. Remove rotten or mouldy pieces from your wormery, reduce the volume of kitchen waste you put into the composter and only once you see that the worms manage to process the food you give them, begin gradually increasing the volume of waste.

#grownnotflown Seasonal Arrangements from The Great British Florist - 24th June 2019

By Rob Gale 3 months ago

All our fresh flower arrangements are over on our sister site The Great British Florist

Our cutting patch supplies many of our blooms here on the farm and we use a network of other British flower farmers which deliver direct into our farm floristry. We design and put together each individual posy from the mix of seasonal scented flowers which are then despatched via courier on a next day delivery service. We despatch Monday – Thursday so deliveries are between Tuesday and Friday to ensure your flowers are always fresh.

If we need to supplement our flower supplies we only use stems that are sourced in near Europe so that none of our flowers are flown in from overseas. We promise that this arrangement will contain as many British Flowers and/or Foliage as possible, often 100%. You will always have our British Grown Stem Count to rely on which is marked on each delivery note and when it’s possible to send 100% UK grown flowers you have our commitment that we will do just that.

Colours and designs will vary according to the season and what’s available at the time you order. What is guaranteed is that no two posies are ever the same and that all our posies are delightful.

Below we've got a preview of what we've been sending this past week (from 17th June) as an example - remember these arrangements will always vary on what's best in our floristry on the day!

Hand-Tied Seasonal Garden Posy £35 + £5.95 DELIVERY

Hand-Tied Seasonal Garden Posy in a Bag £35 + £5.95 DELIVERY

Hand-Tied Seasonal Garden Bouquet £50 + £5.95 DELIVERY

Seasonal Box of Cut Flowers £35 + £5.95 DELIVERY


Using your Worm Compost: as a Compost

By Rob Gale 3 months ago

The compost is very rich in nutrients and organic matter and can be used as an excellent medium to grow plants in. It is rich in soluble plant foods and its fine crumbly texture will greatly improve soil structure. It is not necessary to sterilise the compost before using it in the garden, its bacterial content comprises beneficial species which will not harm your plants. It can be used in all the situations where compost is normally used, for example when planting seeds or shrubs; or as a top dressing for fast growing plants.

Worm Compost is an ideal base for mixing fine composts. The mix of products in your own compost ‘recipe’ is, up to you, but the following proportions will give good results:

- For potting:

25% Organic Compost, 25% Coir,

25% Perlite, 25% Sand

- For seeds:

25% Organic Compost, 25% Perlite, 50% Coir (Ground Bark or Coco Peat are suitable alternatives to standard Moss Peat.)

If you haven't given it a go, why not consider starting Worm Composting in one of our new Urbalive Worm Composters? https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/wormeries.html

6 More Wiggly Products to Subscribe to and Save!

By Rob Gale 3 months ago

We've added 6 more subscriptions to our Subscribe & Save Range - this means that you can now get regular orders of all of our Seed Mixes and Straight Bird Seeds!

Subscribe & Save gives you the peace of mind that you won’t run out of essentials or indeed goodies when you need them the most. The products are delivered with our standard delivery, and you can set them up to be delivered at regular intervals from one week to every other month.

You will save up to 10%, and in the true spirit of Wigglyness there is no sign-up fee, no obligations, and you can cancel your subscription at any time with absolutely no hassle.

PLEASE NOTE: When you sign up for Subscribe and Save you can choose the delivery intervals, but not the amount of times we deliver. However, you can at ANY POINT stop the delivery by suspending it in your account, or by giving us a call on 01981 500391. We can also pause a delivery whilst you are on holiday or change delivery day to be more convenient!