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January 2019

Wiggly Valentine's Gift Ideas

By Rob Gale 7 months ago
Everybody loves more choice, when it comes to giving gifts especially, you just want to get that perfect something for that special someone!

So if you feel like getting an extra special treat we also have a range of extras that you can give with your Valentines Flowers as the cherry on top of the cake! Below find a few of our Wiggly Valentine's Gift Ideas!

Nomnom Chocolate
From £4.50 a bar
Pottery Jugs
From £25
Wiggly Goat Socks
From £15
Workshop Vouchers
From £35
Wiggly Books
From just £3
Wiggly Seed Mixes
From only £3.75

Winter Bird Visitors To Your Garden

By Rob 7 months ago

The winter can really be the best time for birds visiting your garden. The short days cause the birds to be extra active in the daylight hours to ensure they get enough food to survive the cold nights. The bare branches make the birds easier to see, and the scarceness of natural food means that your bird feeding stations are likely to be extra popular – so keep them well topped up!

January in your Garden

By Rob Gale 7 months ago

You may think that January is a month to forget about the garden and leave things as they are until the weather improves. In reality, January should be seen as the start of the gardening year as the sun is already making its way back from giving its warmth to the southern hemisphere and heading our way.

Your Loved one will adore our Ravishing Roses this Valentine's Day!

By Rob Gale 7 months ago

Impress your loved one this St. Valentine's Day with gorgeous hand tied flowers from our 2019 collection! Look below for our new range of Valentines Day Flowers which includes amazing Pro-British Blooms and Ravishing Roses! Pre-order NOW for Delivery on or just before Thursday 14th February.

Weekly Flowers - 21st January 2019

By Rob Gale 7 months ago

Introducing Our Posy of the Week for Week Commencing 21st January 2019

This week our Posy of the Week is another vibrant arrangement! It contains an amazing mix of stems in vibrant colours, including Roses, Statice, Tulips, Sunflowers, Alstro and more - all perfectly arranged by hand with some fresh and fragrant greenery!

Our top 10 Gardening Jobs in Janaury

By Rob Gale 7 months ago

Recycle your Christmas taking it to your council site for shredding it for mulch – you can usually bring a bag of mulch back with you. Try squashing some mistletoe berries onto the bark of apple trees to see if you can grow your own for next year.

Ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days, but remember to close up at dusk. Clean all the glass and staging to banish over-wintering diseases.