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October 2018

New William Morris Jugs!

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Made in Staffordshire by Heron Cross, Our earthenware pottery Jugs are Suitable for pouring liquids and also a very good size to display floral arrangements, but also look great on their own as a decorative item. Made and decorated entirely by hand, they have a capacity of approximately two pints / 1.1litres.

We've just added three new styles based off of designs by William Morris. Order today from just £25!



Weekly Flowers - 29th October 2018

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Introducing Our Posy of the Week for Week Commencing 29th October 2018

This week our Posy of the Week has been created by our florists in a Red, White and Blue theme. It contains; Hydrangeas, Pinks, Astrantia, Eryngium, Alstro and a whole heap more. Plus it's bursting from the seams with an array of fresh greenery - how delightful!

Preorder your Festive Flowers Today!

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Fresh Pro-British flowers make a perfect gift for your loved ones or a lovely treat for yourself! Choose from our range of Door Wreaths, Foliage Garlands, Festive Posies and Bouquets or Table Centres - all lovingly hand-crafted by our farm florists!

Three of the questions we get asked A LOT about Worms…

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Q: Are the worms that you use in a worm composter or worm farm earthworms?

A: Yes… and No…

Most people think of “earthworms” as lob worms or garden worms… Worms that are about 6cm plus long and greyish brown in colour. The type that you would normally see a robin tugging on in the lawn… These worms are in fact usually Lumbricus Terrestris – deep burrowing worms – often referred to as nightcrawlers. They like to burrow up to 2 metres below the surface, and they create deep tunnels and mix the different layers of soil.

The worms in your wormery are red worms and whilst they are indeed one species of earthworm (there are 27 species of earthworm in the UK alone) they are surface dwellers and live within the top 10cm of the soil usually in a manure pile or on the top layer of a forest floor.

Q: Why is worm compost so good for your plants?

A: Worm compost is usually referred to as “Black Gold”, and with very good reason. It is one of the richest composts in the world and even better it’s water soluble which makes the nutrients easily available to plants. The castings have a neutral pH of 7.0 and are packed full of beneficial microbes that aid plant growth and help fight off disease.

Q: Does a worm bin attract mice, rats and other pests?

A: When a worm bin is properly maintained, it is pretty much odour free and therefore does not attract pests. Instead of a conventional composter where the food rots in a wormery the worms are actually eating the food scraps placed in the bin so there is no smells to attract the vermin.

If you're interested in starting up your own Wormery, please wiggle on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/wormeries.html

Our Brighter Day Guarantee

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Our Florists are only Happy when you are Happy!

Here at Wiggly Wigglers and The Great British Florist we know how disappointing it is when you send something or buy yourself a treat only for them to arrive in less-than-perfect condition, Fortunately we try to do all that we can to make sure that doesn't happen, but sometimes issues arise in transit.

Weekly Flowers - 22nd October 2018

By Rob Gale 10 months ago

Introducing Our Posy of the Week for Week Commencing 22nd October 2018

Centered around bright orange Carthamus Thistles, our Posy of the Week is a little bright pop of colour and scent - which has been hand-crafted by our florists. Also including fresh blooms in pinks, purples and yellow, including; Alstro, roses, veronica and more - with a heap of fresh foliage.