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May 2017

Composting in an Apartment

By Rob 2 years ago

With more and more people in the UK house sharing or living in an apartment, the space outside is increasingly scarce but that shouldn’t stop us from growing or indeed composting.

Real LIVE Wiggly Wigglers!

By Rob 2 years ago

Yes, these Wiggly Wigglers are live… but you will be pleased to learn that they don’t smell and despite being called mealworms they’re not really worms at all! They are the larvae of a flour beetle (Tenebria Molitor).

Ordering Regularly from Wiggly Wigglers

By Rob 2 years ago

Just to let you know our phone lines are open between 10am - 5pm to order on 01981 500391 and we will be delighted to hear from you.

The Dawn Chorus

By Rob 2 years ago