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September 2016

In the Cab with Farmer Phil - The 2016 Harvest

By Rob 3 years ago

A few days ago we took a trip up to the very top of Lower Blakemere Farm - where Farmer Phil and the Farm Lads where busy harvesting the last of the wheat  - so we jumped in the cab so Farmer Phil could give us a report on how the harvest has been and a bit more info on the field and local area.

Buy Our British Birdfood at Labels Shopping!

By Rob 3 years ago

A few days ago we setup our British Birdfood stand at Labels Shopping Ross-on-Wye!

Black Sunflower Seed - Now From Less Than £1.25 per Kg!

By Rob 3 years ago

Our black sunflower seeds are packed with oils and protein making them a year round alternative to peanuts, but at a significantly lower cost as they don't need to be shipped from Africa, which is also great from a foodmiles point of view.

Introducing Bird Feeders

By Rob 3 years ago

Where should I site my birdfeeding?

Wiggly Mealworms for your Garden Birds! - Wiggly Weekly Highlight

By Rob 3 years ago

Welcome to the Wiggly Worm Domain, where Noelle deals with all of our Wormy Orders! Heather gives you a few reasons why you MUST feed Mealworms and a few top tips on storing and feeding them!