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August 2016

Farm Mix - New LOWER Price!

By Rob 3 years ago

It’s that time of year where we are tweaking a few of our prices, so we’ve made a few changes to some of our bestselling birdseeds and feeds! These aren’t one off offers - they will stay at this price!

Waxworms - a Top treat for your Birdees!

By Rob 3 years ago

Waxworms are the larvae of the waxmoth, specially treated with a completely natural process to inhibit pupation and aid storage, so please do not worry about waxworms having an effect on your beehives etc. Waxworms are fed on really good nutrients like wheatgerm and honey.  They are perfect for garden birds as their skin is soft so easily digestible and they are packed with moisture and protein.

Feeding your garden birds sunflower seeds? What you need to know.

By Rob 3 years ago

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of energy for birds (or indeed us as well!). You can supply them all year round, but they become especially handy in winter, as natural food sources dwindle and most of the wild birds’ energy goes towards keeping themselves warm.