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January 2016

Birds need good food & a comfortable house and home (and that's what we've got!)

By Rob 4 years ago

Research shows that putting out birdfood probably saves the lives of 1 million birds.

The Meaning of Tulips

By Rob 4 years ago

These very beautiful and elegant blooms are one of the World’s most recognised flowers. Loved for their colour and simplicity – tulips always seem just right and this is why they are so popular – whether your gift is romantic or one of friendship. Tulips are not flashy or too big or bright – but as a Spring Flower they are a lovely way to send your love.

The Farm in Fog and Frost!

By Rob 4 years ago

Today we all woke up in Herefordshire to find very thick fog and frost everywhere! We normally have a lovely view over the fields and hills, but today everything looked rather white - although it still looked attractive in it's own way!