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April 2015

Which Birds Eat What & When - A Wiggly Infographic (Now For Printing!)

By Rob 4 years ago

We've had a great response to our last infographic but people have requested a printable version to give to their kids or grand-kids. So Here it is!

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Birdsong – Why and How do They Do It?

By Rob 4 years ago

Even those with little real interest in birds can appreciate the delicate tones and melodious tunes of birdsong, but it is more than just music to birds. Understanding why birds sing can help you learn about the different cycles of a bird's life and how to best listen to birds at different times of the year.

Getting the Kids Interested in Garden Birds

By Rob 4 years ago

There’s a general feeling that in this highly technological age we are becoming disconnected from our natural environment. Getting children interested in their garden birds is a great start to getting them to understand about nature and the environment that they must look after for future generations. It is also an opportunity to involve the whole family and have some fun in the process. No special skills are required!