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June 2011

Enjoying the Wiggly Garden at Hay Festival 2011

By Heather 8 years ago

If you have yet to come to Hay Festival here's a few reasons why:Gorgeous CountrysideFantastic artists (I saw Kevin McCloud last night - it was brilliant)It's not expensive - most shows are around £5!Great food and Shepherds icecreamNice Shoes from ZimsGreat Festival Bookshop with lots of signed books.Cafe Directand in Hay itself you have my favourite clothes shopsNumber 2, Number 2 shoes, Flow and Goldsworthys as well as the best junk shops and a squillion book shops including the fab Boothsand lots and lots more including...The Wiggly Garden inside Hay Festival

Fledgings at Hay Festival on the Wiggly Garden

By Heather 8 years ago

Thanks to Ben Boston for this fab photo of the blue tits in clogbox at The Wiggly Garden at Hay.

The Wiggly Garden at Hay Festival 2011

By Heather 8 years ago

Our garden has a bugbox with solitary bees nesting in it :0)
The Wiggly Chicks on tour at Hay Festival.
Wildflower patch from Turf originally at Hay Festival.

Nigella on the Wiggly Garden at Hay Festival.

By Heather 8 years ago

Not the normal view of Nigella - but San was concentrating on making sure her goody bag was ready with a Wiggly Bouquet and some Wild Marjoram....
Anyway, Nigella planted lots of Marjoram on our garden. Not only is it great for making tea or adding to potato salads, it is a fabulous nectar source for bees. Getting Britain Buzzing!
Having planted the wild herbs she went on to speak at a sell-out audience at Hay Festival.