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July 2010

Wiggly Summer Sale on!

By Heather 9 years ago

First things first - Farmer Phil has started harvesting (as usual on my Birthday!) Unfortunately he has had three breakages and one calf drop dead since the start... which was Sunday. We are all hoping that it goes much much much better from now on. If the machinery goes well and the weather stays fine the grass seed is yielding pretty well (touch wood...)

Today I have been to a FWAG meeting (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) because I am on the board of trustees. They are a great bunch and deliver wildlife conservation with farmers using 80 advisors on the ground working to make practical differences day by day.

Behind the scenes at Wigglys:
Well Nicole and Rach have been to the fabulous mail order company "Lands End" to learn about best practise in customer service and delivery so we aim to implement the three top things over the next few weeks - Nicole and Rach are passing on all the detail on Wednesday. This was through our trade body Catalogue Exchange.

Lots of really lovely flowers in the floristry at the moment - I know cos I can hear the oooooos and ahhhhhhs from the wiggly flower shed... and we had two lovely weddings last week - congratulations wedding folks!

Now then for June, and everyone else we now have wish lists on the Wiggly website - just try it out by using the wand on each product - fun for sure, but completely inspired by you dear wiggly groupy!

Lastly we have over 200 products in our proper Wiggly SUMMER SALE -
enjoy yourselves!


and finally...
How did the farmer fix his jeans ?
With a cabbage patch !

Our lavender is flowering...

By Heather 9 years ago

Just about every plant in my garden has been planted with wildlife in mind, but there is one that is there just for me, me, me. What can be more calming than the scent of lavender as you walk up to your door… In fact, what is more typical of an English Country Garden than traditional English lavender? Right now just as the flowers are opening the perfume is at it’s strongest. Nowadays we know a huge amount about the benefits of lavender – it it de-stresses and has a calming effect. I know that my granny would always have a bit of lavender oil ready for cuts and burns as it’s antiseptic too. For the next few months you a proper bath tie up a bunch of lavender with a sprig of rosemary and hang it under your taps – the steam will set off the aroma… By the way the name Lavender comes from the Latin “lavare” which means “to wash” and this is just what the romans used it for too. Of course, what good is all this if growing it is difficult? Well, the good news it’s very easy. It needs lots of sun, and it needs good drainage, so if you have a heavy soil adding some gravel and sand will really help your plants flourish. Apart from that it will stand most anything – wind, sun, rain and drought! Your initial investment will be rewarded with plants that spread up to 60cm across with a lifespan of 20 – 30 years. It looks wonderful, and smells gorgeous., and although it’s a self indulgent plant for humans, - it is the absolute “bees knees” for bees too!