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June 2010

Watering your garden....

By Heather 9 years ago

Haws watering can - a classic...
July is usually the hottest month of the year. If it is absolutely tipping down when you are reading this… – it’s time to purchase the water butt… If you have a dust bowl outside your kitchen door – it’s time to wish you had purchased a water butt… Anyway, whatever the weather if you have a veggie plot you should be reaping the rewards right now - with home grown strawberries, freshly picked salad and herbs, - as well as beetroot, onions, garlic, peas and best of all new potatoes… YUM! By the way some varieties don’t actually flower, so if your spuds have been in the ground for ten weeks you have official permission to try a test dig… When watering your vegetables there are a few tips which will help ensure you get the most out of the water you have got. Some plants are pretty drought tolerant once established, - like root vegetables and onions, so the main ones to concentrate on are the lettuces, the tomatoes, the peas and beans, the squashes and courgettes. Leafy crops need a regular soak. Water early morning or evening when the temperature of the air and the soil is cooler – otherwise you will lose a lot of water to evaporation. The rule is to soak not splash. Water the soil not the plants, so that the roots get plenty. You will get the hang of how much to water based on the following important indicators: the soil type in your garden, how windy it is, whether or not you have mulched your garden, how much organic matter is in the soil , and of course when it last rained. The last element is of course how impatient you are…– there’s only so much time you can spend out there holding the hosepipe in your slippers before the first Earl Grey Tea of the day beckons…

By Heather 9 years ago

A treat for you this week. Please wiggle your way to the facebook group and see Simon Crumb's video of "Herbert having his supper" Herbert is a hedgepig and this is such a treat.

Farm News:
After successfully planting 630,000 sunflower seeds, checking them and tending to them.... those flippin' slugs have chomped the lot! And so Farmer Phil, not to be deterred has replanted 630,000 sunflowers...

We had a Duchy of Cornwall farm walk Friday evening where Graham Taylor of Silviculture and Farmer Phil gave a talk about the woodland on our farm that is being used to offset HRH Prince Charles carbon footprint whilst growing timber to be harvested in about 80 years time. Our farm benefits from some brilliant new wildlife habitats too. On the walk we saw a ringlet butterfly and much more. The walk was a sell out (I think it was the refreshment reputation) It finished in the wiggly floristry and the only hiccup was a pigeon who for some reason flew into the farm kitchen and caused absolute havoc - mostly with the cacti and parsley...

Farmer Phil has been making hay... it is the best hay I have ever seen. Prices are going up too as yields are down due to the cold dry spring. Farmer Phil's yield was pretty good though at about 8 big bales per acre. Each of those are currently worth £12 - £15. Five days work, 500 bales = 1 happy farmer.

Behind the scenes at Wiggly Wigglers.
Thank you Dell. Thank you Dell. Dell sponsored me to go to China and 74 other women entrepreneurs. It was proper cool, swopping ideas with others who have huge businesses and tiny businesses... Watch this space I got a corking idea from it for our farm. The chinese people were really friendly. Mind you I wouldn't want to live in Shanghai... I saw no birds, no sheep, and no hedgehogs on this trip!

Now then, more excitement... we have taken on the potato shed next door to the potato shed that acts as the wiggly warehouse. This will mean we can be a bit more efficient hopefully and once we have some extra racking can keep all our packaging in shed two.

The flowers in the floristry at the moment are wonderful and to this end you can get more for your money at the moment. There's £5 off cut flowers in the wigglenews here:
(more on hoggys here too)

Mostly folks buy them to say thank you as far as we can make out... thanks for the weekend, thanks for the new grandchild, thanks for being there for me...

Well, there's lots more news but I expect you are bored now so...

and finally:

I didn't get this one but Farmer Phil has explained and it is QUITE funny...

'Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge?''

Wiggle On


By Heather 9 years ago


We have just drawn the winner from the draw in our talks pavillion at Hay Festival.

Congratulations to Richard in Marden Herefordshire! He has won £150 of Wiggly Vouchers. Thanks to all that entered.
Sorry if you didn't win - there's always next year....

Country Bed and Breakfast...

By Heather 9 years ago

Hopton House B and B - the barn room

Gwaenynog B and B from the front

I have experienced the two best B and B's I've ever stayed in during the past couple of months. Neither is very far away from Wiggly Wigglers and both do delicious breakfasts...On Saturday we wiggled our way to Kington, then Knighton then Welshpool - stopping off at Powis Castle and eventually arriving at Gwaenynog. It's, about a mile from the River Vyrnwy at Dolanog and a 5 minute drive from Llanfair Caereinion in Mid Wales, an area of outstanding natural beauty. A four poster room, free wifi, an ipod charger and Earl Grey tea - what else could you need! During the night our hostess had to put up with a bit of Gorringe Junior sleepwalking... first into the airing cupboard and then into her bedroom!!! (Thank goodness he avoided the paying guests!) Then in the morning we were treated to a yummy brekky before we headed out! This standard of service reminded me of the best B and B in Shropshire - and it's not just me that says... Hopton House Bed and Breakfast is number one on Tripadvisor. On further investigation I have found the common ground between the two... Mrs Karen Thorne at Hopton House does courses for prospective B and B owners and Fiona Potts from Gwaenynog completed the course. So, what needs to happen is for Mrs Thorne to publish a directory of who has passed her course with flying colours and then unsuspecting tourists like us can wiggle our way around the countryside from delicious breakfast to breakfast... (In March I stayed in the worst B and B I have ever endured in Looe Cornwall - one of my favourite places on earth.... If you were the owner of that B and B please book on Mrs Thorne's course directly! :0)
PS: By the way I knew they were both good eggs because they both have loads of bird feeders out... :0)

Hay Festival Ticket Winners!

By Heather 9 years ago

Piccy is of the Wiggly Garden...

The winners of the Wiggly E-news Subscriber draw for tickets to Hay Festival are:
Maralyn Christie and Sylvan Bentley.

Have a wonderful time.

If you did not win please do come and see the Wiggly Garden right in the middle of Hay Festival. We are there each afternoon to answer your questions.