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October 2009

Sky News comes to Lower Blakemere

By Heather 10 years ago

Heather talks to Eamonn Holmes on Sky News and gets cut off in her prime...

Smelly Feet? you NEED goat socks!

By Heather 10 years ago

I've just received this note in from Christine:
"...anyway, about comfort socks, I wear mine with my walking boots, I've got really smelly feet but they don't take up the smell! I bought for my of the plain ones for my son and girlfriend for wearing in bed, they love them. I've been shopping with you for some years now and always have been pleased with my purchases. Thank you so much, Christine"
She is right you know. They are made of mohair and goat hair is a bit like the hair on your head. It insulates, but breathes. Some people not too far from me now hardly ever wash their goat socks anymore... But of course this is not a Wiggly recommendation! In fact I can vouch for machine washing and even tumble drying (if nec) your Wiggly Goat Socks! ORDER HERE!

Aconbury Wood

By Heather 10 years ago

Coppicing is a traditional method of managing woodland in which young tree shoots are repeatedly cut down to near ground level. In subsequent growth years, many new shoots will emerge, and, after a number of years the coppiced tree is ready to be harvested, and the cycle begins again. (Note that the noun coppice means a growth of small trees or a forest coming from shoots or suckers.)The woodland is harvested in rotation, - just as with the crops on our farm. In this way, a crop is available each year somewhere in the woodland. Coppicing has the effect of providing a rich variety of habitats, as the woodland always has a range of different-aged coppice growing in it, which is really beneficial for biodiversity. Chestnut can be grown in this way and because it is straight and really hard the orginal use was to provide hop-poles to support the hop plants whilst they are growing . Nowadays is it usually cut on a 12 to 18 year cycle to make into cleft chestnut paling fences or stakes. One of the local woods on the Duchy Estate runs a project, in conjunction with Wye Wood, to encourage people with both physical and mental health problems to learn traditional skills and improve their quality of life. Partly funded through the local Primary Care Trust and the Forestry Commission, people are referred to the project to take advantage of woodland walks or to develop their skills through learning traditional crafts. The result of all this is healthier, happier individuals …and these lovely feeders. Made from Chestnut, a naturally durable hardwood (fence posts made with Chestnut last longer than those made from Oak!), these lovely feeders will last in your garden for many years to come.

phoenix poppies

By Heather 10 years ago

well, beggars can't be choosers so i've decided that if i can't remove all the stuff my neighbors keep dumping into the shared alley behind our houses, i can at least beautify it! and doesn't it look gorgeous? okay, there's some work to do and even since this pic i've noticed that drainage is a big bad issue but...into this wheelbarrow i've dumped some mushroom compost and 2 packets of poppies and wildflowers. i'm hoping that come spring something beautiful will rise from the ashes. the larger vision is that the same plants will selfseed the whole quarter mile corridor of decorative tellys and beer cans.
if anyone can recommend plants (from seed) that i could throw on the ground and which would probably grow just about anywhere i would be grateful. meanwhile my small and secret mission continues....

The Postal Strike

By Heather 10 years ago

Following this week's announcement that Royal Mail Strike action will likely affect deliveries across the UK, we have made our decisions on how to ensure we provide an excellent service. This is our top priority... So:Where it is possible this week we will upgrade your order to go with a courier (in our case Business Post and APC) so that your deliveries will arrive right on time - no problems. You will already be aware most of our deliveries and ALL of our flowers get sent this way anyway and so will be unaffected.
For small amounts of LIVE food (under 1 kilo) please order today TUESDAY (before 2pm) so that we can get your order in the post and delivered before the strike starts. We will bring all those orders on a multimail standing order basis forward from Wed, Thurs, Friday to today so that these wont get caught up.
Our courier does not need a signature so when you order if you are not going to be in please pop a note to say where you would like your order left and this should minimise the strike action.
Cross your fingers it will all be sorted out in the meantime!

Thank you Wiggly Wigglers from Kingsley St. John's primary school

By Simons 10 years ago

Recently Wiggly Wigglers offered the chance of some re-furbished wormeries for organisations and schools. Kingsley St. John's Primary School were lucky enough to be chosen for one and I went along to help set it up and explain the hows, why and what's to the children.