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April 2009

Podcast 179 - NOT to be missed (hehehe)

By Heather 10 years ago

The Fighting Farmboys, plus Heather, aka the Herefordshire Mumblers, reconvene on the Wiggly Sofa. There's a polite rant on the death of set-aside from Tim Teague, which Farmer Phil has to explain. Phil has an unexpected run-in with the Night Porter at his hotel. We get proof positive that Richard really is worthy of the name Frugal Fishbourne, although his success at lambing reduces the Team to tears. There are plenty of Five Star reviews, a Montycast and Three Top Tips from Terry Walton.

Warning: Do NOT listen to in public on your headphones - you are going to feel nearly as silly as Farmer Phil did when meeting the night porter....

Did you listen to this week's podcast...

By Heather 10 years ago

Podcast 178
The team have a change of scenery when Heather moves the Podcast into Farmer Phil's grain store. Richard is dressed for the occasion in his flourescent yellow safety jacket, but Phil seems to be in his bedshirt. There's talk of weddings and funerals, good news about bee colony collapse, thunderstorms and, the subject of the day, grain drying. There's even a new Monty Cast, and a one off chance to see Herefordshire goat socks available in America.
(PS The start is Monty practising his singing technique...which is a little odd..)

Wordle Wiggly

By Heather 10 years ago

Wordle: Wiggly Wigglers

Hay Festival

By Heather 10 years ago

We are building a Wiggly Garden right in the middle of Hay Festival. It includes a rain garden, a veggie patch, wildflower meadow, some willow structures and.... 100 planted up Joules wellies! Why not come along 21st - 31st May.

Here's what Rich has written about a little bit of it....

Apple tree graveyard!

Dead wood is essential to support many types of life, it also makes for a great feature as these intertwined apple trees demonstrate. If you take a close look you will notice an inundation of small bracket fungi growing from the trunks. Decomposers in their own right, fungi make a wonderful addition not only to the wealth of biodiversity in a garden but also the overall aesthetics. If you lifted the bark on these trees a host of scrambling millipedes, woodlice and centipedes could be seen making a break for cover. Invertebrates like these are food for birds and small mammals like shrews and even hedgehogs, if you get the inverts into your garden everything else will follow!

More later...
In our garden we will have a potter, and a gardener and various childrens workshops.