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February 2009

Twittering Tweeting

By Heather 11 years ago

Come and join me on Twitter, and join another 101 women tweeting here

And here are a few farmers who are on Twitter - yippppeeeeee
Matt Naylor
Farmers Weekly
Tim Teague

If you are not sure what all the fuss is about - time to move on - Try Twitter for 3 weeks then let me know...

Marion's Wormy Poem!

By Heather 11 years ago

Thanks to Marion who says: "I am a 64 year old Wiglet who is very interested in all things good, green and growing,although I leave the wormery to my daughter. Thank you for all your news which I look forward to.
And she has written this corking poem:
'Twas some years ago, when the kiddies were small,
Four children and I were returning from school,
When my five year old son, who was some way ahead,
Plucked a thing from the grass and excitedly said,
"Cor, look at this worm, it's all stretchy and wet,
I wonder how long I can make this worm get?"
Before I could stop him, before our shocked eyes,
He'd pulled at each end 'til he'd doubled its size.
"Let go"we all screamed," that's a cruel thing to do,"
But he just stretched it more 'til it snapped right in two,
Then tossing the bits in a garden, he smiled,
While we stared aghast at the horrible child.
Later that night, after he had been bathed,
I mentioned the worm, but he just sat and laughed.
I banned such behaviour, I tried to explain,
Yet, just a week later, he did it again!!!
But this time I grabbed him and opened his hand,
He grinned as I took out a large rubber band!

Wiggly Floristry on Tour

By Heather 11 years ago

Well DONE Laurie Flaurie and Rosie Posy, who went "over the hill" on Tuesday and participated in Peterchurch Primary School's Explore Day. Here's what Karen - the organiser said:

"Thanks a MILLION from Peterchurch Primary
To our fantastic flower friends from Wiggly - what a great contribution you made to our Explore Day - thank you SOOOOO much. The children all looked fantastic leaving with their bouquets and many brochures went out the door with them. We made a point of telling all the parents how much you contributed and I think there will be much good will and hopefully some new customers!"

By the way this weekend you can buy more Wiggly Flowers from Oakchurch Farm Shop and Hopes of Longtown. We use British Flowers and despatch to most
of the UK...and we are gearing up for
Mothering Sunday!

FREE CHOCOLATE and reduce your carbon footprint!

By Heather 11 years ago

What a WINNER!The Wiggly Footprint and you...This is going to sound like a right sales pitch, but no matter... Sometimes things have to be said...If you would like to lower your carbon footprint and indeed Wiggly Wigglers footprint, there is a key thing to attempt, and that is raising your order value. Truly!
We have a consignment rate with Business Post which is good, - and makes sense, as we can send several packages to the same address for the same cost (which as you will guess is much more than the £3.75 we charge you dear customer). More boxes to one address is just the jolly job as obviously they will go on the same lorry and use less fuel and energy than if lots of parcels are sent seperately.The average order placed is around £40. If that went up by a few pounds we would lower our transport costs and therefore our energy inputs quite considerably, and indeed by having less parcels of higher value so dear heart would you!

By the way if this is not possible in credit crunch times you are already doing a pretty good job already compared to ordering from many companies as most of our products are UK produced and many more of our products are grown, bagged and mixed right here on the farm then delivered direct to you.
If this all sounds too much like a sales pitch I would add that until 20th March there is a corking reward for every order over £50 - you can claim some free Divine chocolate - YUM!

And in case anyone gets the wrong idea - we are VERY grateful for all orders, small, medium or enormous!
Wiggle On All!

Handy Mealworm Facts

By Heather 11 years ago

Each female lays about 275 eggs which hatch in 4 to 14 days.
The larval stage can last from 90 up to 114 days
Mealworms are low in fat, high in protein and actually taste good. (Yuk, not to be recommended)
And of course LIVE mealworms provide a brilliant source of protein and fat as well as water. Live food is the only means that fledglings get a drink.