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May 2008

Tatties and Tigers

By Heather 11 years ago

Here in the office we have received a great picture and e-mail from Wiggly customer Gary Owen, which goes as follows:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the seed potatoes I won through the Wiggly Wigglers Facebook group a few weeks ago. I filled a few buckets with compost from my Can-o-Worms (bought from you a year or two ago), stuck the spuds in, and they are growing nicely. I look forward to them providing some tasty roasters before too long: for the moment, they're feeding this enormous caterpillar, which we think is a garden tiger moth. all the best Gary."

Thanks for the feedback Gary and what a fantastic caterpillar - very exotic looking.

Biddy the blackbird

By Heather 11 years ago

This is a picture of Biddy the blackbird, who is a regular visitor to Alex McIntosh's garden in Scotland, helping herself to some mealworms. Alex says, "this is her eating about 47 worms in 30 seconds".

If anyone else has any birdy tales I would love to post pictures and info on the blog and look forward to hearing from you.

Cardboard and compost critters

By Heather 11 years ago

The Decline of the Bee

By Heather 11 years ago

Following on from the Wiggly Wigglers Podcast team’s (Podcast 133) concerns over the decline of bees, I thought some bee facts might be interesting:

Bees pollinate more than 90 flowering food crops. Some of these crops, such as broad and runner beans, rely heavily on bees and without them there would be little or no crop at harvest time.

Honey bees pollinate about one third of the food in the human diet.

In pollinating plants, bees are vital to eco-systems. Without them many native species of plants would disappear.

There has been a decline (of approximately 70%) in numbers of wildflowers that rely on insects for pollination.

The dwindling numbers of bees is largely due to loss of habitat, intensive farming and overuse of pesticides and herbicides. This makes it all the more important that we all do our bit to plant wildflowers in our gardens that provide much needed nectar and pollen for bees and, indeed, other wildlife.

Interesting bee sites: Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society, Bumblebee.org, Buglife

Carnival of Green Gardening

By Heather 11 years ago

Welcome to the May 27, 2008 edition of the Wiggly Wigglers carnival of green gardening.

Melanie Rimmer presents Make A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul posted at Bean-Sprouts, saying, "Lots of pictures of recycled birdhouses to buy, to make, or to inspire you"

R.Pettinger presents How To Make Your Garden Eco Friendly posted at The Compost Heap, saying, "tips for making more eco friendly garden"

TopVeg presents Attack Weeds when they are very small. posted at Top Veg, saying, "Easy gardening means weeding little & often when the weeds are small"

Jessica Jones presents Homegrown Wine posted at Practical Nourishment, saying, "homemade wine from homegrown fruit"

Stephanie presents Making a Planter from Repurposed Items posted at Stop the Ride!.

Woman Tribune presents Planning Your Own Vegetable Garden posted at Woman Tribune.

Jamie McIntosh presents http://organicgardens.suite101.com/blogs.cfm#little_helpers_in_the_garden posted at Suite101: Organic Gardens blog, saying, "Get children out of the house and into the garden."

Laura Williams presents Plantin' Season around the Ol' Homestead posted at Laura Williams' Musings.

Melanie Rimmer presents Top Ten Compost Systems posted at Bean-Sprouts, saying, "Round-up of the top ten composting systems"

Lars presents Plant a Tree Today - How and why to plant a tree so that it grows fast and healthy! posted at InsightsandAdvice.com, saying, "How and Why you should Plant a Tree TODAY!"

Brenda Emmett presents Does Hydroponic Mean Organic? posted at Her Gardening Blog"

NtJS presents Everyday Frugal: In The Garden posted at not the jet set, saying, "Mrs. NtJS is back and sharing 14 of her green, yet frugal gardening tips. The two actually go hand in hand. Who would have thought?"

Mark Schauss presents What do the Numbers on Your Fruits and Vegetables Mean? posted at Toxic World Blog - Detoxify and Heal Your Body.

Teri presents Teri's Organic Garden: worm castings posted at Teri's Organic Garden, saying, "Check out my article on worm castings and vermicomposting."

Sarah presents Managing Lawn Care During A Drought Spring Lawn Care - Lawn Care Tips posted at Lawn Care Tips, saying, "What to do about your lawn during a drought!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a carnival of green gardening using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
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