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December 2006

Wiggly Digging for Christmas

By Heather 13 years ago

A small request...

As many of you are aware Digg have now started "digging" podcasts...It would be lovely and very appropriate if the Wiggly Podcast could be "dugg" me thinks. So if you enjoy the show, could you please press this click and Digg it. Thank you

Here's a few of my favourites which I have already "Dugg" and if you enjoy their podcasts you can "Digg em" here.
Now if you like:
The Engaging Brand you can "digg" it by clicking here.
SmallBizPod with Alex here
For Immediate Release here
Geek.Farm.Life here
I couldn't find many of my favourites - such as Gastrocast, Heidi Miller, and Eie Flud yet but I expect they'll occur soon. When I posted this post The Wiggly Podcast had 2 clicks, the idea is to get on the first page so that needs over a thousand clicks...
Merry Clicking

Wiggly Christmas

By Heather 13 years ago

Well its been a record Christmas at Wiggly Wigglers - with over 5000 parcels going out between 1st December and 21st. Business Post are busy finishing off deliveries but to the best of our knowledge all the pressies either have made it or will very very shortly.
Podcast 63 comes out at 9.29am give or take a few minutes on Christmas Day and with the Queen producing her first Christmas Message Podcast we thought we would produce our own from Queen Worm...

The Wiggly Christmas Podcast for 2006.
There's plenty of listener feedback although some correspondents are less than charitable to Riccardo. Then there's not one, but two, messages from the Farm Phone. Phil is off to deck the hall with boughs of Holly, which sets off a discussion about winter berries, and Richard tries to save money on parking fees.

If you do get an iPod for Christmas maybe the Wiggly Podcast could provide the escape from Aunty June?
And many thanks to all our listeners for tuning in, enjoy.

Five Things Meme

By Heather 13 years ago

Good old Anna Farmery has sent me this Meme thing. I find out from her is a kind of spread embaressment feature of blogging where you get yourself then other people to list 5 things you haven't mentioned before. Well, I think thats it, if not Anna will put you right at the bottom of this post.
So 5 things you probably dont know about me:
1. I once delivered 2000 live worms to the Headchef in a Hotel by mistake. (The Bait Shop was next door...)
2. I have played the Church Organ at over 15 couples weddings.
3. I once saw The Wombles have a few too many to drink and take their heads off!
4. My first proper job was driving a Road Roller!
5. I lasted one week at Brownies and a couple of weeks at Young Farmers. (it was the conforming thing...)

and so now I'll link to Tim Kidson,
Frankie from Allotment 21
Jane Perrone
Heather from Eie Flud
and Farmer Jake

Grey Wagtails love Mealworms too

By Heather 13 years ago

Aren't they wonderful. Thanks to David and Pam Petts who sent me the photos, and the following note:

"Dear WW
We have a smallish suburban garden in Wickford Essex, and recently added meal worms to the menu, They were mainly for the Robin and Tits, and a hope that the locally scarce Song Thrush might discover them. Imagine our delight when a Grey Wagtail discovered them and has for the last three days been feasting happily on them.
Attached are a couple of photos of the bird with worm in beak, hope you like them.
David & Pam"

Mealworms are basically made up of protein, fat and most essentially water and so make one of the best feeds for birds there is. Just about all birds eat livefood. (well OK, - pigeons dont) The best way to feed them is either in a feeder with a sieve bit in the bottom, or in a steep sided shallow container, so they dont wiggle away. They'll keep for several weeks at room temperature. By the way they are vegetarian which means they are clean, hygenic unlike maggots.

Single Farm Payment for Lower Blakemere Farm

By Heather 13 years ago

Farmer Phil is not alone. He's still waiting for a major part of his Single Farm Payment just like thousands of other farmers.

There we are. I read somewhere that it takes 62p out of every £1 to actually administer the "farm subsidy". Wouldn't it be better to get the farmers to administrate the payment for the real "civil servant subsidy?"

Ah well, still we do live in a beautiful place.

Wiggly Wigglers versus The Archers!

By Heather 13 years ago

Lower Blakemere Farm

I love The Radio Times Podcast Review

and when it truely chooses The Wiggly Podcast above Radio 4's - The Archers, I cant quite believe it! Its a great place to choose what podcast to try next, have fun!

Here's what they said yesterday:
"Imagine The Archers wasn't full of middle-aged people, huffing and puffing in the fields and spouting ill-informed nonsense about world events. Imagine instead an Ambridge populated with nice, normal people, all of them well informed and talking about sustainable farming, responsible cultivation and other such interesting things. Imagine they also had a sense of humour.

Well done - you've just imagined Wiggly Wigglers, a weekly look at all things green and earthy. This podcast is pure rural joy, evoking thoughts of Sunday walks through the countryside, the smell of the soil and the rich texture of the manure you just trod in. Perfect for when you're running for that Monday morning bus." by David McCandles