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April 2006

This months Birdy Box

By Heather 14 years ago

Richard puts together the Birdy Box (like a veggie box but for birds) every month and this month he has chosen lots of Wiggly Seed, peanuts, mealworms especially for those young chicks and an energy fatball in case of colder snaps.

Richard says

The cuckoo has landed, lording Lady’s smock is busting through fresh green, grassy roadside swaths and sky larks are rising high in the sky to fill the air with sounds that accompany sun shine and new life. From now on there will be a baby boom. Chicks will be screaming and scrambling for as much live food as their ever attentive parents can provide, so its never been more important to keep feeding those juicy mealworms to help those families come to fruition. Whole peanuts fed in peanut feeders will give those adoring adults a short route to a source of energy sustaining carbohydrate and protein.

Heather says:
Heard the cuckoo on Saturday and we have a pair of blackcaps in the garden that Jenny and Richard spotted on the Gardening for Wildlife course last Saturday. Here's a few comments from folk who went on Jenny's course and on Richard's Worms Day.
"Very worthwhile on composting and ecology"
"Refreshments excellent!"
"Perfect - informal and suitable"
"Enthusiastic presentation made the day very interesting and enjoyable"
In the coming months you can see us at:
Malvern Spring Gardening Show 11-14th May
Chelsea Flower Show 23rd - 27th May
Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival 26th May - 4th June
BBC Gardeners World LIVE at NEC from 14th - 18th June
but for the next Jenny Steel Wildlife Gardening Day book for the 22nd June 2006.

Kingfisher from Podchef

By Heather 14 years ago

Podchef's new comment on your post "Extra time to plant your hedge....but not much!":

All too common are the "kingfisher with wind" sounds on our otherwise unspoilt airspace. Somedays we seem to be under some sort of international hub of plane traffic. They all seem to appear just when the microphone is on.

Yes, a Weber is a barbeque/kettle grill. An oil drum splint in half, hinged with a place for the grate works great as well.

A video cast of Hedging, or Cowshed at night--you're on to something there. . . .the world would be at your door, so to speak.

The "chefshow" was brilliant. I didn't know what to expect and I certainly didn't intend on rabbiting on and on and on about Podcasting, but that is exactly what people wanted to know about. I fair talked myself hoarse droning on about podcasting, sustainability, and even--to an Oxford Don, and Raymond Blanc--a little business wot podcasts from the wilds of Herefordshire. . . .

NB Note from Heather, it wouldnt let me publish the original comment...sorry so I copied and pasted it. Heather

Podcast 26 Show Notes

By Heather 14 years ago

Richard becomes Fractious Fishbourne after losing an argument with a piece of string, then the Team are taken to task over their mis-naming of Mothering Sunday. Phil's cows show their magnetic personalities and Heather interviews the News Editor of Radio Wyvern. Plus a wormcast from Monty to wrap things up.
Catch up on any editions you may have missed in our Podcast Archive at http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/podcasts/archive.lasso
And here is one listener's email:
I was listening to Richards bit on song birds when my cat Millie got off my knee and went and sat on the back of the chair. As you will see from the photo I have attached, she was totally enthralled by the bird song. So now as well as famous people, politicians and laymen you also have a new feline contingent!
Thanks for some more great listening. I am looking forward to next weeks.
P.S. By the way Richard, Millie doesn't catch birds. Only the mice who are daft enough to venture into our house! Even then she doesn't kill them, just lets them roam around the back of out sofa!
and here is Millie listening to the Wiggly Podcast.

Two Absolute Corkers

By Heather 14 years ago

I absolutely love it here at Wiggly Wigglers. You never know whats going to happen next.......
Laura wrote in saying she had received her cowslips but not her foxgloves, and so Alison left a message on her answerphone to explain that they had just been despatched so not to worry.
She emailed us to say; My husband picked up the message and relayed it as "your socks and gloves will be delivered next week"! Thought that might make you chuckle.
And then I heard from Frankie from Allotment No21 Both Frankie and Mel have been busy since January 2006 working on their allotment and writing their blog and they say:
Dear Wiggly Wigglers, The bird box cam I bought Spouse for Christmas has got blue tits nest building! I've put the pictures & a link on the blog at:
How exciting and even better than that there's a film on the blog of the tits making a nest. Those girls have got the hang of gardening, wildife, and technology. Love it!!
Double Corker!

Extra time to plant your hedge....but not much!

By Heather 14 years ago

A couple of weeks ago Phil the Gardener had a chat with Phil the Farmer and ended up planting 80 metres of mixed hedge up the edge of our drive next to the fence. Although the fence does a good job in terms of stock proofing, the hedge will look wonderful and I dont think there are many things better than a native hedge for providing habitat and food for your birds, bugs and bees. Hedging is definately on the increase on our farms, I read over 200 miles of hedging has been planted/re-instated lately, wouldn't it be great to see another 200 miles in our back garden - and they would cover up all that larch lap.....
It took Phil less than a day to plant the 80 metres all told, the bare roots mean that theres no digging needed, just a spade slit and then you can slide the plant in. Usually bare root hedging is supplied as whips - one year old plants but Al grows hers on for 2 years so that they are sturdier, more resistant and less likely to be affected by rabbits.

Alison says that because Spring has been pretty cold and therefore late this year that usually she stops supplying bare root plants at the end of March, but this year she can carry on for an extra week. So.......that means that if you want to plant a mixed native hedge this year for your wildlife and indeed as a boundary you have until Friday 7th April to order and then you'll need to get your skates on (or better still your wellies) because the plants need to be in the ground by the 10th. For more info:
Bareroot Hedging

Our new catalogue is out, many thanks to all those involved. There's some great photos sent in by John Harding and Mark Ecclestone. If yours hasn't arrived yet you can order one on the Wiggly Website
or email wiggly@wigglywigglers.co.uk