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500 Billion SLUGS!!!!!

500 Billion SLUGS!!!!!
By Rob 2 years ago

You have no doubt read or heard the latest headlines that we are expecting 80 billion extra slugs to invade our gardens over the summer!

WOW! Turns out that slugs have been breeding like rabbits (!) and the mild weather has provided the perfect conditions for sluggate!

The Charity BugLife says there is a 'bumper year ahead' for the slimy creatures, with an additional 80 billion slugs resulting from this year's breeding behaviour.  According to BugLife, the average British garden contained around 20,000 slugs last year, with each one laying between 20 and 100 eggs.


We’re here to help so here are our top 3 tips1: Slugs LOVE Beer! Fill a shallow bowl with beer and wait overnight you can

then dispose of the remains by adding it to your compost.

2: Encourage and look after your Hedgehogs – they enjoy a tasty slug or two

for supper so are well worth looking after. Look here for our top solutions


3: Kill your slugs the green way with Nemaslug – it’s the very best way we have

ever found. Full details below


How does Nemaslug (Nematodes) work?

1: You water your Nematodes onto the soil and they seek out

the slugs down in the soil.

2: The Nematodes kill the Slugs and become adults inside the dead slugs

3: A new generation of Nematodes are produced.

4: The new Nematodes are released as the pest decays in the soil



Why is it good?

1: Unique, works underground where 95% of slugs are found.

2: Long lasting control (six weeks)

3: Really economical – it protects plants for a few pence a day.

4: It even protects vulnerable potato varieties, germinating seeds and young

seedlings and even better The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh says it is fab

and they are an Official Endorser.

5: Nemaslug works at 5 degrees (pellets require 7 degrees)

6: Works really well in wet weather which can be a problem with other methods.

7: Large slug species can be controlled when Nemaslug is applied early.

8: Can be used safely on food crops, and lastly it’s safe for children, pets,

wildlife, and bees… Nice!

Nemaslug will be available from the Spring when temperatures are generally 5 degrees or above.

One Treatment -

To Treat 40sqm - £12.95

To Treat 100sqm - £23.95

Subscribe and Save Delivered Every 6 Weeks -

To Treat 40sqm - £11.00

To Treat 100sqm - £23.50