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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

For Ducks & Poultry

For Ducks & Poultry

Keeping ducks and poultry in your garden is easy, and the return is a flock of good natural pest controllers, some very potent fertiliser… and a roving recycling team for your kitchen scraps.

Our farm grows several crops that are suitable for your ducks and poultry, but our best seller is our Layers Mash with Bokashi. The Bokashi is made here on the farm from bran and micro-organisms which work to improve the microflora in the gut, which helps to keep your birds healthy and dramatically reduces the bad odour from your birds’ dung. Your birds will love it… and you will love the results!

Don’t pooh-pooh it :) until you try it!

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