Seed Mixes

Seed Mixes

Different types of food will attract different species to your garden.

Our birdseed mixtures are an essential as they include lots of different seeds which suit different birds at different times in your garden. We do NOT ever include dog biscuits, fillers, split peas or lentils in our seed mixes (they are not suitable for birds but are used in many cheap mixes)

You get what you pay for in birdseed mixes and if you don't want to attract larger birds avoid the mixes with wheat and go for the better quality ones (like Wiggly Seed Extra)

Best for Beginners

Our Top Three Mixes to start attracting Birds

1: Wiggly Seed Extra (perfect for all sorts of songbirds) Use a feeder for this one...

2: Wiggly Softbill (ideal for blackbirds and thrushes) Pop this one on the birdtable or groundfeeder

3: Wiggly Finch Energy (does what it says on the tin - attracts the finch family)

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