Mealworms & Live Food

Mealworms & Live Food

Nearly all birds feed on some live food throughout their lives, the main exceptions being the seed eaters such as pigeons and doves. LIVE! foods are one of the best protein sources for your garden birds and their high moisture content makes them an especially valuable food for chicks and fledglings, which, when you think about it, cannot leave the nest to drink. For this reason, you'll often see adult birds using LIVE! food to feed their chicks during the breeding season.

Naturally occurring live food consists of worms, insect larvae, and beetles but, over the years, the supply of many such species has dramatically declined. Overuse of pesticides on farms and in gardens must take some of the blame but the main problem stems, as so often seems to be the case, from the decrease of the live foods' natural habitats in woodlands and hedgerows. Whatever the cause, this lack of their normal food supplies is leading to problems for the birds.

Therefore offering live foods at garden bird tables is becoming very important for a whole range of birds, from once abundant wrens and tits, to less common visitors such as woodpeckers, goldcrests, and bramblings. If you can't bear the thought of handling live mealworms (although they really aren't anything to worry about), you could start with our dried mealworms or waxworms. They have all of the protein with none of the wiggle! Once you've mastered these you can move on to real LIVE! food. Trust us, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

When is the best time to feed?

The RSPB and The British Trust of Ornithology both recommend year- round feeding of wild birds. If you offer LIVE! food you should see a diverse range of birds coming to your bird table once they learn that it is available. Protein- rich LIVE! food is especially welcome during spells of hard weather when birds use up lots of energy just to keep warm.

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