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It's all Chicken Feed

It's all Chicken Feed

Chickens are one of the best garden tools that money can buy. Left to their own devices in a garden, they will scratch up and loosen the soil - whether you want them to or not - then eat the weeds and plant- destroying bugs! All the while, they will also be fertilising the ground and feeding themselves - is this as close to perpetual motion as it gets?

Chickens are great providers of fresh food for us. There are no food miles to worry about with eggs from your own chickens, and what could be more free range than a bird that's been wandering about freely just outside your back door? Marvellous as they are, they can become a large pest if they get loose in the garden! So, we've got a handy electric fencing system to help you keep them just where you want them and make sure they are safe from the attention of predators.

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