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Five Foods to avoid feeding to your Garden Birds


1: Cooking fat A few years ago it was a common site to see the roasting tin from Sunday Dinner…

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Top 10 Tips to Feeding your Birds in the Winter

House Sparrow (4)

Put out large Feeders:  Also consider using multiple feeders in different areas of your garden. Provide nutritious seeds and feeds:…

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What Birds to expect to visit your garden in 2017

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According to the RSPB the most likely visitors to your garden this year are house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue tits…

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Why your Birdbath is important for your garden birds


It’s essential that your birds have access to water even if a cold bath would fill us with absolute horror…

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Why Should You Use Different Feeders for Different Seed?

Feeder_DY Seed plus Bird (JH) 16

Heather and Alex explain why there are different feeders for regular seed, niger seed and peanuts. (and they make a…

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Live Mealworms – FAQs


Live foods are absolutely best for garden birds to feed their young. Lots of different species of birds love mealworms….

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Inside the Wiggly Seed Station with Farmer Phil

Take a trip inside our Wiggly Seed Station and let Heather and Farmer Phil guide you through our mixing and…

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Farm Mix – New LOWER Price!


It’s that time of year where we are tweaking a few of our prices, so we’ve made a few changes…

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Feeding Peanuts to garden birds.


Aside from sunflower seeds and hearts, peanuts are one of the most popular foods that birders put out to attract…

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Where have all the sparrows gone?

House Sparrow (5)

Let’s go back in time……… I started becoming a keen birdwatcher in my early teens back in the distant 1970’s….

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