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Wiggly Podcast Monthly Rundown #1: Episodes 1 – 20

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A series of monthly blog posts featuring all of the episodes from the original Wiggly podcast! For those less familiar,…

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The Wiggly Podcasts are now Youtube!

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Yes! We’ve now uploaded all episodes of the Wiggly Podcast onto Youtube – free for you to listen as much…

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Podcast 0193 coming up….

Tomorrow’s Podcast is on it’s way. Should be with you at about 9am BST Mealworms in the Bathroom In which…

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Wiggly Podcast 0176

Low Flying Rabbit Cliffhanger This week The Team gather to talk about Buzzards and Short Eared Owls and the costs…

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Wiggly Podcast 171 is LONG!

They are usually pretty cheery but here’s the blurb for this week’s show! “It’s the longest Wiggly Podcast so far…

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

It’s a celebration of the humble apple today from the Wiggly sofa. Rachel Harries reports for this week’s show from…

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The ALL NEW WIGGLY Ringtone is here!

Our farm. If you would like the utterly exclusive (and super cool) Wiggly Ringtone – its available now and of…

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A few strange things that happened this week.

I was attending a talk by Larry Bailin of Single Throw at The Podcast and New Media Expo in LA…

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Latest iTune review for The Wiggly Podcast

Our latest review is up on iTunes>Here we are: “4 stars by Allotmentman What a bunch of Frootloops! This is…

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We r 2!

Two years ago on a Saturday in September Michael and I went to Podcastcon in London to find out all…

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    Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least..

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    Signup for our Birdy Box in the next few days and you’ll receive ; Wiggly Seed Extra Sultanas Finch Energy Dried Mealworms Sunflower Hearts..

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    Introducing the Bouquet of the Week for 18th June 2018! Each week we have a different arrangement of Fresh, Scented and truly Stunning Flowers..

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