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5 Simple Ways to help your Garden Wildlife in April


Clean our your feeders and birdbath. As the weather turns warm and wet your bird bath and feeders are a…

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How to grow wild flowers in containers or window boxes


It’s perfectly possible to provide a wildlife haven for bees and butterflies even if you’ve got limited outside space. Wildflowers…

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Five Facts you probably didn’t know about Easter…


76% of people eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first In the UK, each child receives an average 8.8 Easter…

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Valentine’s Gift Guide: FOR HIM


Here are our top Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for the Man in your Life! Celebrate British birdcare at its eye-catching…

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Valentine’s Gift Guide: FOR HER


Valentine’s Day will be soon upon us! But no fear, we have the perfect solution… British Valentine’s Flowers! Starting from…

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Five Foods to avoid feeding to your Garden Birds


1: Cooking fat A few years ago it was a common site to see the roasting tin from Sunday Dinner…

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Top 10 Tips to Feeding your Birds in the Winter

House Sparrow (4)

Put out large Feeders:  Also consider using multiple feeders in different areas of your garden. Provide nutritious seeds and feeds:…

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Dealing with Plants Damaged by Frost


If your plants do get caught by the frost this doesn’t have to mean the end for them, over time…

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What Birds to expect to visit your garden in 2017

House Sparrow (4)

According to the RSPB the most likely visitors to your garden this year are house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue tits…

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It’s SNOW Problem (Or is it?)

Courtyard Winter

Snow can be a big problem for your garden, damaging killing plants. Avoid this damage with our Wiggly top tips…

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