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Where have all the sparrows gone?

House Sparrow (5)

Let’s go back in time……… I started becoming a keen birdwatcher in my early teens back in the distant 1970’s….

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Birds need good food & a comfortable house and home (and that’s what we’ve got!)

42 Great-Tit-6-(JH_9)

Research shows that putting out birdfood probably saves the lives of 1 million birds. Nest boxes encourage birds to mate…

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Deterring Grey Squirrels

What’s the problem? If you are lucky enough to have the native Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, in your garden, and…

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Save Money and Look After Your Wildlife

bird collage

Nine Wiggly Frugal Tips   Here are 9 handy tips for you to take note of and help you in…

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