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Looking after your wormery in the Spring


Now Spring is starting to show itself it is time to bring your wormery out of the garage, greenhouse or…

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The Plight Of The Pollinators

Bees on a purple flower.

The recent Horizon programme “What’s Killing Our Bees” shown on BBC2  and available on BBC iplayer for a few weeks…

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Getting your wormery ready for the winter

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and the rain seems to fall day and night. None of…

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Thank you Wiggly Wigglers from Kingsley St. John’s primary school

Recently Wiggly Wigglers offered the chance of some re-furbished wormeries for organisations and schools. Kingsley St. John’s Primary School were…

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Cauliflowers and Caterpillars by Simon Sherlock

Burying Bokashi in a trench for your veggies gets all those beneficials rockin’ – This however is not Simon –…

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Rain Water by Guest Blogger Simon Sherlock

Rain butts – It’s very satisfying watering the plants you have grown from scratch with water collected for free off…

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Insects by Guest Blogger Simon Sherlock

Insects – nothing beats sitting in the garden surrounded by flowers with the birds singing and the sound of the…

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Your worm composter by Guest Blogger Simon Sherlock

Wormery – if you own a wormery you probably already know to protect it from the elements during the winter,…

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Slug War by Guest blogger Simon Sherlock

Slugs and Snails – To start your war on slugs and snails you can read the my article  that offers a…

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Veggies in July by guest blogger Simon Sherlock!

Vegetables – I know there are 101 articles being published at the moment on what to do with your vegetables…

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